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Often times we consider the person we can always count on are our friends. Some friends come and go and some stays behind within your life. But there also other events that friends became more than friends and even committed their vows in front of the altar. Funny thing is not it? But friendship can lead to a new form of relationship and that is being more than friends or a boy-girl relationship. This does not happen once in a blue moon but is occurring everywhere and anytime. There are also some aspects with this relationship that would give us glimpses on its advantages or not the disadvantages of this type of relationship which friends dating each other.

Spend time with your mate in recreation and working together. Do daily chores like shopping cooking cleaning and washing practical things that will help you later in the marriage and see how naked women wallpaper your mate fares.

Although it's still not easy to go through this discipline in this area of my life, I now know that God has been gracefully protecting me the whole way. I still wait to see if it will ever be His will to give me the God-serving version of being in a dating/marriage relationship someday, but maybe I need a bit more discipline and chastisement first.

Respect. Sometimes, your girl might need a little quality time with her family and friends. Sometimes, she might even want some room to breathe a be alone for a while --- just like you! So try to respect each other's priorities --- that goes to saying that you respect her opinions, beliefs and views about life.

When my six year old grandson came home from school the first of the year, he proudly announced what he had learned that day. He said, "Grandma, boys rule; girls drool!" No doubt he learned this on the playground, not in the class room!!

Annie is in the habit of taking on one ball player a year whom she helps mature. She says, "There's never been a ball player who slept with me who didn't have the best year of his career...there's a certain amount of life wisdom I give these boys. I can expand their minds...I make them feel confident and they make me feel safe and pretty." As such she puts herself in the position of Mama to her chosen ball player and lets him be her Boy.

And one more thing, consistent lying can really destroy a relationship. Whatever the reason of your being dishonest or no matter how good your intentions are, at the end of everything, you still lied. This could result to losing the trust of a person who's dear to you. Or worse, ruin the relationship you have. So men, I just want to give you something to ponder upon. Most of the women are not like Rihanna. We don't love the way you lie.